XLX reflector direct connection

Icom ID51 XLX Direct connection

As i mentionned in this earlier post, with the XLX reflectors came some confusion for the users. A few months (almost 18 months ago actually) I modded ircDDBGateway so that it’ll be able to connect using commands like XLXxxxyL. Jonathan G4KLX accepted the modification and it is now part of the official code tree. The idea behind was to clear up the “is XRFxxx the same as DCSxxx ?”.   Now that the latest firmware for the Kenwood THD74 directly accepts XLX selection right from the reflector menu this is going to get really more interesting.

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DStar Life Hack: Is the station local on the repeater?

While listening to a QSO on a DStar repeater have you ever wondered how to know if the station you are listening to is local on the repeater or coming from a distant source (reflector, other repeater etc…)? BTW, I wrote this because I assume there are still people out there who are using repeaters instead of hot spots for their DStar operation.

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Compile and install the latest ircddbGateway in Pi-Star

Pi-Star allows everyone to setup and run a digital voice Hotspot easily, its ease of use largely contributed to the late Hotspot invasion. However, the DStar software shipping with it is quite outdated. It is a version dating back from 2015 and it misses some nice features : Forwarding DPRS data to APRS for Kenwood THD74, multiple ircddb networks capability, G2 Nat Traversal to allow call sign routing without any port forwarding…

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APRS with Tinytrak 4 and TYT TH-9000D

TYT TH-9000D with Tinytrak 4 for APRS

After a couple of frustrations (here and here) I have finally managed to get my TYT TH-9000D running quite well with my Tinytrak 4. After a few weeks using it I must say I am quite pleased with the result, the TH-9000D is sensitive and there are not many APRS frames I miss from the nearby digipeaters. I run it on low power (10W) which is plenty enough. So here it is finally, what should have been a quite straight forward mod from the beginning.

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