APRS with Tinytrak 4 and TYT TH-9000D

TYT TH-9000D with Tinytrak 4 for APRS

After a couple of frustrations (here and here) I have finally managed to get my TYT TH-9000D running quite well with my Tinytrak 4. After a few weeks using it I must say I am quite pleased with the result, the TH-9000D is sensitive and there are not many APRS frames I miss from the nearby digipeaters. I run it on low power (10W) which is plenty enough. So here it is finally, what should have been a quite straight forward mod from the beginning.

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Solved TYT TH-9000D Gibberish Characters / Locked CPU Issue

Next episode of my TYT TH-9000D for APRS adventures (first episode here). Somehow I managed to run into the gibberish characters issue, after swearing a few minutes I went to my friend Google only to find out that people had the same issue. Some people even posting “contact me private i have a fix” like here and in the comments of this Youtube video. Such behavior is just childish, my 6 years old does this like “I have a secret but I won’t tell you” but she is 6 years old… Just share the information, spread the knowledge, we are hams !

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And so I wanted to use a TYT TH-9000D for APRS …

TYT TH-9000D for APRS

I was in the market for another radio for my mobile APRS operations. After reading various articles (here and here) about the ability to add a D-SUB9 connector with all relevant signals for that matter. I ordered one, and it was there a few days later. Before modding the radio I wanted to program the relevant memory channels and test run  it and there came the disappointment.

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