Solved TYT TH-9000D Gibberish Characters / Locked CPU Issue

Next episode of my TYT TH-9000D for APRS adventures (first episode here).

Somehow I managed to run into the gibberish characters issue, after swearing a few minutes I went to my friend Google only to find out that people had the same issue. Some people even posting “contact me private i have a fix” like here and in the comments of this Youtube video. Such behavior is just childish, my 6 years old does this like “I have a secret but I won’t tell you” but she is 6 years old… Just share the information, spread the knowledge, we are hams !

UPDATE : I ran into the issue a second time, same issue different cause. You can read about it here.

What follows worked for me, it might not work for you.

In the previous post I was reluctant to remove the radios main board, this time I had no other choice as the parts involved in this issue are on the other side.

Lets take a look at the following schematic excerpt.

When the radio is turned off Q25 is conductive and pulling input DC to ground. Indeed, if you do the Ohm law math the radio is drawing about 260mA when turned off! When the radio is turned on Q25 is no longer conductive, allowing Q24 to get conductive and U2 and U3 voltage regulators are energized. The CPU gets its power from U3, failing to do so will result in the gibberish issue. Display back light is powered from U2.

In my case, and unlike in Glenn Davis Youtube video backlight is off, so I assumed the source of the issue is either U2 or something before it. After a few measurement the faulty component was found : Q24 which is failing to get conductive. I decided to short collector and emitter. In Glenn Davis’s case I guess the issue is U3 and would check if is providing 5 volts eventually tracing the voltage up to the CPU.

Now it was time to put the radio losely back together …

Aaaaaand ….

As a general rule of thumb, when one is facing the locked CPU issue, the best way to proceed is to trace the 5V voltage from U2 up to the CPU.

Good Luck !



  1. Is there somewhere that one can get the schematic for this radio? Never had any luck with TYT for service information.
    I was using one for the transmit side of a 220MHZ repeater

  2. Same issue here and jumping Q24 did not solve the problem.

  3. Jumping Q24 E to C did not fix mine.

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  6. Two more TH9000 failures with locked up display. Both have 5v at the cpu unlike your radio. TYT offers no support what so ever.

  7. All VRs on mine OK. Trying to contact N5MRG to discover his info.

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