Is Thales authoring official resolution on behalf of administration ?

Ok fellow readers, I am not sure if this is actually a big thing or not however this really scares the shit out of me. Do you remember those CEPT documents I mentioned in an earlier article? Do you remember that Mr Ivan Martin from Thales I mentioned in this article? Well read on…

The CEPT documents are meant to serve as proposals for the final resolutions in case the request gets adopted. Yes, those drafts are meant to maybe be turned into legal documents. Out of curiosity I had a look at the meta information of the word document resolution proposal submitted by France administration to the CEPT. Guess who originally authored the document on June 3rd 2019? Mr Ivan Martin Himself! Yes, an employee of Thales, a private company, wrote official public material serving his employer purposes.

All could just end here, but there is another gentlemen named Emmanuel Faussurier involved. This individual amended the document on June 14th 2019. Googling for his name tells us he is an employee of the ANFR administration which is part of the french radio regulation body.

I am not a legal expert, and cannot tell whether this is legal or not, yet i really have an ethical problem with it. Who is running my country? What kind of relationship does Thales and french regulators have? Should I expect some hit men knocking at my door?



  1. corporations have been corrupting the legislative bodies in our world
    not just in france or brussel – now it is hitting us.

    I hate this world.

    Kudos to you for not dropping the ball on this, and bring it to our attantion in a language we understand.

    73, Oh8XAT

  2. that’s a classical way to work on a text, however the question is why on earth the ANFR has accepted so stupid proposals (in the beginning it was also question of band 3 (DAB+) and all the broadcaster and the CSA say of course that it was unacceptable.

  3. Maybe this is usual way of working, but is this ethical?

    • I don’t understand why ANFR support such a proposition without speaking with Ham representative, this is really unfair and not realy ethical.

  4. Indeed, the world is essentially governed by a small rich group, led by big $$$.
    The industry does not care whatsoever. They never did and never will, as long as they can continue to make money.

    Geoffrey hit the nail on the head: just as radio waves, aircraft cross borders. So world wide spectrum is preferred and the plan is very clever. Why? It has to be noted that the WRC decisions are based on consensus, unlike politics where majority votes win.

    The industry hates this, because it is very difficult to get what they want.

    Here is a document from the mobile industry, worth reading. You can see how the industry tries to influence the regulators:

    Only one group (amateurs) has to be kicked out, which is a group without direct economical impact. If other parts of the spectrum had to be “cleared”, it is likely that current users oppose and no consensus will be reached. So they know very well where to point there weapons.

    The 60 m band proposal (WRC-15) was opposed by France (!) and Russia. A weak comprimise was the result. It is likely that the same French “influencers” are to blame for the bad result. Not to speak about France being one of the few that have not yet authorised 60 m. Shame on them!

    • Henk, thank you for your very interesting comment and the link. You nailed it with 60m and you are damn right, Amateurs are of no economical power therefore the corporate are convinced it is the ultimate argument to kick us out of the spectrum. Not everything on earth is for sale, I hope they’ll learn it the hard way.

  5. Robert K Tompsett N8JUQ

    I hate the French! Their Stupid!!!

    • And you speak with so stupid people ? 🙂 the problem is not the nationality but the power of money. As Ham operator, i consider that most of hams are open; good and clever people. But it’s probably a face of my typical french stupidity 73 F4HKH (F for France)

    • You are aware you are writing this on french website? Nevermind… Corporates have infiltrated government at many levels, and not only in France…

    • BTW the correct spelling is “They’re stupid”.

    • Robert,

      I wonder what you are trying to achieve with this (unfunded) statement.
      As explained above, the French at Thales & co. are not so stupid after all 🙂
      In general, I would say that shouting and calling names does not help whatsoever. The governments do not listen anyway (does the US government listen BTW?).

      I wonder if you have any *clever* ideas that might help the case.

      PSE K


  6. Hi all,
    I just want to point out this interesting comment:

    73 from Italy!

  7. The day we stopped paying for our license, here in the UK, spelt the end of our right to complain. Where is the RSGB and OFCOM in all of this?
    Bob licenced HAM operator M0RAW

  8. Wolfgang, DC1XH


    lobbyists are gaining power – worldwide. Apparently, this makes them high-spirited,
    so, they don’t even hide & erase their tracks.

    I contrived the term “band robbery” for these rude activities of “adult children”,
    aka military people, dreaming of conquering the space – with our frequencies!

    Hopefully, enough CEPT-countries will stop these plans!

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